How to Grow Taller and Its Benefits

Grow In Work Develop NoTextDo you ever walk in to a room and feel like no one notices you? Do you feel physically inferior to work colleagues at a business networking event? Do you find yourself the butt of several jokes when stood at the bar with friends or strangers? If you answered yes to any of these questions then how often do you attribute this to your height?

Whilst height is not the single most determining factor in the pursuit of happiness, it is a very significant pointer to how much pleasure one can expect in life. If you are reading this article thinking how much better it is to be taller than to be short or maybe even taking it one step further and asking the question of how to grow taller, then this article may well persuade you that the time is right to take meaningful action and do something about it!

What would it mean to you in your life to add an extra few inches to your height? Would it give you more confidence? Would an extra height boost make you appear more successful or give you an appearance of wealth? Whilst these are all very good reasons to want to grow taller there are many others too.

But do you really need to worry about how to grow taller fast? Or is the idea of tall people being more successful, wealthy and leading a happier life hold no more truth than blondes having more fun than brunettes?

The benefits of being tall or short?

If we look back historically, height would have been a significant advantage in the survival of the fittest and there are many leading sociologists that have concluded that height is still a major reason for success in the 21st century and is perhaps at least as crucial now as it was thousands of years ago.

Of course, to provide a balanced argument it should be noted that there are some benefits to being short but the sheer volume of benefits of being tall pale these into insignificance.

Inches for dollars

In the developed world height is a major contributing factor in generating more wealth. Not only are tall people generally earning more money than their shorter counterparts, they are more likely to gain promotions and hold down positions of leadership in the workplace.

One of the reasons that tall people earn more money is probably due to how we perceive people and this can go back to our primal roots. Taller people exude power and were more likely to be leaders before we evolved into the civilized world and these are qualities that we associate with leaders in the commercial world.

Taller people pack in more power

Height equals power. Plain and simple. History is littered with examples of tall people in positions of great power. The world’s most powerful man; Barack Obama stands at 6ft 1in which is a whole 3 inches taller than the average American citizen. One of the all-time great American presidents Abraham Lincoln towered in at 6ft 4in and was another powerful figure who would have dominated the skyline of a room full of important people.

Tallness is an attractive quality

Tall, ManDo you ever wish you could get the girl or guy of your dreams? Rightly or wrongly height is an indicator of wealth and power and these are both qualities that the opposite sex finds attractive. When a tall guy walks in to a room people take notice of him – including the girl of your dreams. Studies by R.I.M. Dunbar PHD have found that being tall increases attractiveness of males and females are more attracted to men over 6ft tall.

Strangely enough, studies also show that we can determine height based on a photograph of just a persons face so for those of you thinking that you might try and cheat the system by using online dating profiles to get your foot in the door (so to speak) might want to think again – you will still need the height advantage to appeal to the woman of your dreams.

If this is not a reason to increase height naturally then I cannot think what would compel most men to grow taller fast than anything else.

Height as an indicator of intelligence

Like most arguments, there will always be contradictions with many points. One point that simply cannot be argued is this one – and it applies to men and women! has reported a number of studies that show men and women increase earnings proportionate to their height. In fact, a 2004 study went as far as to suggest in it’s findings that a person who was 6ft tall would earn $166,000 more over 30 years than a person who was 5ft 5 in.

Now there could be a number of reasons for this and one of these could be nature versus nurture. We know that very often a well nourished child will grown taller in to adulthood than a malnourished child. The same argument could be applied to the idea of a well nourished child physically is also going to be well nourished intellectually, emotionally and psychologically too. Of course there are always exceptions to this rule and if you are reading this as a short person (and by short I’m going to say less than the average American at 5ft 11in for a man) then the chances are that you have had a perfectly satisfactory upbringing but nature has not blessed you with natural height. But there are ways you can gain height naturally and we will come on to those shortly.


Let’s not forget the simple practical benefits to being tall. Being able to reach top shelves, being seen in a crowd of people or at a festival, being able to ride your favorite fairground rides without fear of embarrassment are all perfectly feasible reasons for wanting to be tall.

No guy wants to be shorter than his girlfriend and so it’s just as important from a practical point of view that as a guy you are taller than your other half.

So you’ve read some of the benefits of being tall but what can you do about it if you are shorter than you want to be? Is there actually a way to grow taller or are you resigned to being jeered at the bar for years to come or from being ignored at important events for the rest of your life?

Fear not, there are a number of ways to combat the blight of shortness.

How to grow taller naturally

There are a number of exercises to grow taller and ways to grow taller fast naturally, but with so much information available that tries to offer advice on this topic it is hard to know what advice to take.

There is a program available that has been designed following years of research that delves in to each of the following points in detail and gives the optimum information on how to grow taller fast but using natural methods.

What to eat to grow taller

This has already been alluded to but the importance of nutrition cannot be overstated. A healthy, balanced diet that contains few processed foods and at least the recommended daily allowance of nutrients and vitamins is crucial. There is of course an optimum point and this is covered in depth through the program we are promoting.

Some of the key nutrients needed to grow taller are Vitamin D, Calcium, Zinc and other essential nutrients that can be consumed through the right types of food and the right dietary supplements.

Vitamin D aids healthy bone development and is particularly important for young children but it is also beneficial for adults looking to grow taller. Fish, mushrooms, eggs, tofu and exposure to the sun are all excellent ways of topping up your Vitamin D levels.

Zinc is another nutrient that promotes development and healthy growth of the body. A lack of zinc in a child’s diet can cause growth to be stunted and the same could be said for adults looking to increase their height. The amounts of zinc are a particular nutrient that you just have to get right to make optimal use of it as a nutrient to grow.

Exercises to grow taller at any age

Exercise in itself will aid growth but there are specific exercises that can be partaken in that will help people of any age to grow. Swimming is an exercise that provides a good all body workout and the actions of swimming help to elongate the muscles in the body. A well structured and perfectly tailored swimming regime can help you to grow if the program is set up correctly for the individual concerned.

Exercises that improve flexibility such as stretching exercises and toe touching exercises are found to offer a significant increase in height of the person doing the exercise. Toe touching helps to stretch out the spine and is a good warm up exercise before moving on to more strenuous exercises.

Hanging exercises might seem like they were invented as some form of body stretching medieval punishment but they are actually very beneficial in increasing height of a person. 10 seconds hanging from a horizontal bar with arms stretched out to the side repeatedly is an excellent exercise to use and should be incorporated in to your exercise regime to grow taller.

Skipping exercises are another good workout to increase height naturally. Try to stretch out the spine by keeping the back upright whilst jumping with bent knees. This can lead to an improvement in posture and building up the strength in the legs to increase height in the lower parts of the body.

Water is the spice of life

Drinking plenty of water is another crucial way of growing taller. Water in itself is unlikely to help you grow, but what is absolutely certain is that without regular hydration your body will underperform and all the exercises and foods in the world won’t make a jot of difference if you are dehydrated. Avoiding caffeine, alcohol and sugary drinks is another top tip for growing tall.


There are also supplements that you can take to help you grow taller but it is often difficult to measure the impact of these and many have no impact and are very costly. Our program will provide you with all the information you need on which single supplement you need and how often to take it. Don’t waste your money on finding the right supplement – I have found a system that is proven and the hard work has been done for you.

Do you really want or need to grow taller?

If you are still reading this then the chances are that you really do want to gain height, but in reality only you will be able to answer this question. For some people, it might be the need for career progression, for others it might be the desire to be noticed more in social situations and for many it will be the idea of making more money over a 30 year career (like the study that showed the average 6ft tall person earning over $160,000 more than their shorter colleagues). For the singletons it might be the need to be deemed more attractive to the opposite sex and wanting to have the confidence boost to meet the girl or guy of your dreams.

Only you can decide if it is worth your time or money to invest in your height but just know that the investment could be worth every penny in terms of happiness gained, money made and power gained.

So what is the easiest way to grow taller naturally?

Well, this is where you really get to decide whether you want to do something about your height or not, and we are not going to do a big sales push on this as frankly we don’t need to, but what we will say is that without this program you will have nowhere near the amount of success at growing taller than you will with it – that is unless you can put in the thousands of hours of research and thousands of dollars spent on testing products and supplements that the owners of this program have.

Can you grow taller by reading and taking action on the points raised in this article? Yes you can. But, even some of the points raised in this article will conflict with this specially designed program if not done in the right way. In fact, some forms of exercise can even have a detrimental effect on growing taller naturally and this program that we’re recommending is worth every penny if just to find out this information alone.

The information you simply need to have

If you are looking to get taller then there are certain key bits of information you will need that you can get from the grow tall program and that you almost definitely won’t get anywhere else.

For example, do you know which two ingredients that it is essential to include in your last meal of the day to help increase height? Do you know the one and only super supplement that you need to help grow your body height to its optimal? If not, then this program could save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in wasted money on supplements that either don’t work or are simply not needed.

Did you know that there is an optimal calorie intake for maximum height growth and how to maintain your height gains and never lose them? The grow tall program has all these details and more.

A few tricks to boot…

As well as the all important information on how to increase your height the program also includes some tricks and hints on how to look taller whilst you are waiting for the results to take effect. There are particular clothes and hairstyles that should be avoided and this program lays this all out for you in detail. There are also some posture tricks to give the appearance of height – perfect for that interview when going for promotion –. Remember those higher salary figures for taller work colleagues?

Don’t just take our word for it

These guys have worked out the perfect formula for growing tall but you don’t need to just take our word for it. With hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers from over 170 countries worldwide, they have the best product that we have found and you can read hundreds of testimonials that back up these bold claims on their website.

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With over 194,000 people who have successfully used this revolutionary system and added height to their lives as well as the chance to statistically be much happier, wealthier and more successful, there really has not been a better time to go ahead and start the rest of your life.