DietDo you feel that everyone around you is taller than you are? Are you tired of craning your neck and looking upwards when meeting new people? Perhaps you’ve met the girl of your dreams, only to be too embarrassed to ask her out because she’s taller than you are? If all of these sound like situations which you can relate to, you’ll be glad to hear that we have got news for you. Whilst most people believe that their height is unchangeable and fixed, there are actually many different, effective ways to grow taller.

The Science of Height

In order to understand how you can encourage your body to grow in height, it’s crucial to have a good understanding of how we grow in the first place. As babies, we have a lot more bones than we do as adults, due to the fact that as we grow, the cartilage that forms some infant bones wraps, melds and eventually forms adult bones. The longer bones in our body have cartilage growth plates located at the ends, and during puberty, these begin to slowly lengthen, causing us to increase in height. This is the reason why teenagers experience such wild growth spurts!

Exercising to Be Taller

During puberty, exercise is one of the most important things that you can do to help your body grow. Exercising helps to ensure that your bones remain healthy and strong, and also releases growth hormones which can help ensure that you grow tall. Even if you’ve been through puberty and are now an adult, exercising is also essential. It helps you to avoid gaining weight, which can place additional stress on your bones and also create the illusion of being even shorter. However, bear in mind that once you’ve finished growing, exercising and stretching can’t make your bones grow any further.

Dieting for Height

Did you know that having a nutrient-derived diet during childhood can result in stunted growth? Your diet is one of the most important components of your life when it comes to gaining height. Calcium-rich foods, in particular, are hugely important and should always be included in your diet as they are very important for healthy bones which grow well. This is not only important during puberty, but also as an adult as well to ensure that your bones remain healthy and strong. Other foods, especially those which are rich in proteins, are also extremely good for your body and can have an effect on your height whilst you’re still growing. These foods are rich in amino acids which are essential to muscle growth and replenish your body with energy when needed.

When you are going through puberty, paying attention to diet and exercise is absolutely essential to ensure that you don’t experience any growth problems. Even as an adult after puberty has ended, making sure that you eat well and exercise regularly can help keep your body healthy and strong – all resulting in making you taller, or at least creating the illusion of height.