You might be surprised to hear that some really successful guys – think Winston Churchill, Daniel Radcliffe, Pablo Picasso, Jon Stewart – really aren’t that tall. In fact, not one of them stands above 5’7”, but clearly they haven’t let their less-than-average stature hinder their success in life.

It’s crucial to remember that even if you are short, there’s absolutely no need to look short. There is a lot of perception involved when it comes to height, and therefore the way that you dress is hugely important when it comes to changing people’s perception of you and your height. There are plenty of fashion tricks that you can use – which don’t involve Cuban heels or vertical strips – to make sure that you appear taller than you actually are.

Monochrome Colors

Sticking to a monochrome color palette with your clothing and contrasting shades rather than colors is one of the best ways to dress to appear taller. This streamlines your look and helps create an illusion of height. The darker the shades, the better – although it’s best to steer clear of pure black as this can actually have the opposite effect and make you look shorter. If you mix up colours and shades, the best idea is to keep the darker ones on the lower half of your body and lighter colours on the top. This draws the eye upward and creates a lengthening effect.

Find a Good Tailor

The quality and cut of the clothes which you wear is definitely important when it comes to looking taller. A good tailor is a necessity no matter what your height, but when you’re a bit shorter than average it becomes absolutely essential. When it comes to looking taller, fit is everything, and you will certainly need the help of an expert in choosing suits and other clothes that will best accentuate your height and create the illusion that you are taller than you actually are. Most high street, off-the-rack clothing is designed to fit almost all male body types, so without a good tailor, your clothes are likely to be loose and could make you look even shorter.

What to Avoid

When choosing clothing, it’s good to know which items are going to make you look shorter so that you can avoid picking them.  Short sleeves should be avoided, as they will actually make your arms look shorter, therefore making your whole body look shorter as well. It’s also important to avoid baggy, low-waist trousers – even if they’re ‘in’ right now, they’ll do you no favors by making your legs look even shorter and drawing attention to your height. It’s also important to consider the lengths of the tops that you choose – whilst tucking shirts in as much as possible can help create the illusion of tallness, items such as t-shirts should have a hem that’s above your hipbone.

Being short doesn’t mean that you have to look short! By dressing the right way, you can create the illusion of a much taller version of you.