As a guy, fashion may be something that you’re not really that interested in. After all, over the years, fashion has traditionally been more of a female interest, whilst guys simply follow trends and do the bare minimum to make sure that they look good. However, if you’re a shorter guy, you might want to consider taking more of an interest in fashion and different styles. For guys who are a few inches shorter than their peers, what you wear can literally be the difference between making it obvious that you’re shorter than everyone else, or actually looking taller than you are and making your height barely noticeable.

Monochrome Colors

If you’re not one to fill your wardrobe with bright colors or vibrant patterns, this style tip is one that you’ll probably like. However, whilst monochrome colors such as grey, charcoal and even silver can look extremely classy AND make you look taller in the process, it’s important to be aware that black isn’t included in this color palette – it can actually have the opposite effect and make you look shorter! When dressing yourself in monochrome colors, creating a gradient effect with the darkest colors on the bottom and the lighter ones at the top of your body is the best way to lengthen your body and instantly create the illusion of extra height.

What to Avoid

When buying clothes, it can be easy and tempting to simply go for the latest fashion trends. However, when you’re a shorter guy, some of the latest trends in fashion can be absolutely disastrous for you. Because of this, it’s always a good idea to know what you should be avoiding when you’re choosing a new outfit. For example, baggy trousers should be avoided at all costs – these might be all the range, but they’ll just make your legs look stumpy and accentuate your lack of height. Short sleeves, too, can also make you look shorter by shortening your arms and drawing attention to your height. Last of all, longline tops that pass your hipbone might be in fashion right now, but be aware that these can end up drowning you and making you look shorter than you are, so it’s best to keep tops tucked in.


Patterns and designs are a firm favorite when it comes to casual clothing styles, but you want to make sure that you avoid certain ones when you are a guy who’s lacking in height. For example, horizontally striped t-shirts might not seem like a problem, but when you’re wearing one, it can actually make you look wider, and therefore shorter. If you’re choosing a top or shirt that’s striped, vertical stripes are the best to go for as they will lengthen your body and make you look taller. In addition to that, keeping patterns and designs at the top of your body will draw the eyes upwards, creating the illusion of more height.

What you wear is definitely important if you want to appear taller than you are!