If you are desperate to become taller than you actually are, whether it be for cosmetic, psychological or other reasons, you might want to consider undergoing leg lengthening surgery. The success rate of this human leg-lengthening procedure is quite high, however it’s important to understand that there is always the risk of complication and other things going wrong, not to mention the high cost.

Human Height and Growth

It is the length and size of your bones which determines how tall or short you are. During puberty, your whole body grows along with your bones, which contribute to the final height of your body once puberty has come to an end. Whilst you’re still in puberty there are a whole number of different ways in which you can help to increase your height, however, once you’ve reached adulthood, your options are more limited. Exercise, nutrition and an overall healthy lifestyle can help to increase your height, but not by a significant amount. Because of this, height-increasing surgery is available to adults who are unhappy with their height.

About the Procedure

Height increasing surgery is referred to as surgical leg-lengthening. It involves a series of procedures which induce limb and bone growth. This is achieved by cutting the tibia and fibula bones and then attaching the two pieces of bone with a separate external fixator device around the open bones. Once the procedure has been performed, each day afterwards will see the bones be slowly pulled apart using this fixator device. This creates space in the bone, resulting in encouraging the growth of new bone. This lengthening process ends once the desired leg length or height has been achieved, and the patient will continue to use the device until the new bone has solidified, when it is removed. The whole process usually takes around six to twelve months.

Possible Complications and Other Information

When undergoing the surgery, there is always the possibility of complications occurring, which could range from moderate to the more severe. Some severe complications could limit the function of your legs temporarily or even permanently, so it’s important to understand the risks before entering into this procedure. Leg-lengthening surgery is usually only recommended for individuals who are very short with leg deformities. Although it can result in your gaining three to six inches of height, it’s important to understand that this is potentially very painful procedure which involves having your bones broken. You will also need to use a wheelchair for at least six months continuously. If you are considering undergoing this procedure, it’s important to get information from several doctors and specialists beforehand and carry out extensive research before making up your mind.

Thanks to leg-lengthening surgical procedures, it’s now possible for you to actually gain more inches of physical height. But, it’s important to give the decision some careful consideration as there is a lot of pain, inconvenience, cost and risk involved in the procedure.